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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovin’ Summer {{Vacation Style}}


We had to chance to visit the Children’s Botanical Gardens in Cheyenne, Wyoming last time we got our families together and it is truly amazing!!  If you are ever near Cheyenne, you have to take your kiddos here…they will absolutely love it!  And what’s even better is the price of admission…FREE!!!

**Also note that this post contains A LOT of pictures…I was feeling a little snap happy when we visited! =)**


The botanical garden is filled with plants, small rivers, and kid sized waterfalls.  Perfect for little ones on a hot summer day!  {Don’t you just love our girls’ coordinating outfits?!  I’m pretty sure if we lived closer they would be dressed the same A LOT! =) }


Even Alisa’s littlest one got to join the fun…and the binky came along too!


I’m pretty sure they could have entertained themselves for hours in the water…but there was so much else to do so we had to move on!


The kiddies helped pull themselves across the floating bridge while Alisa tried to keep them all balanced!  Good news, no one got wet! =)



Our next stop…the secret garden!


In and around the secret garden were beautiful plants and flowers.  And, I’m not even going to attempt to name any of them because I would undoubtedly be wrong!!  {Any gardening gurus out there that can help?}



Next to the table the kiddos sat at was this adorable checkers board.  What a great idea!


All of the kiddies had to stop and touch the Lamb’s Ear…so soft!  {And on a side note, I’m VERY proud of myself for knowing the name of a plant!}


They even had some of my favorite flowers growing at the botanical gardens….I absolutely LOVE Bleeding Hearts!!!  My Grandma used to grow them in her garden when I was little and I’ve continued to love them ever since.



Among a rock pathway full of quotes, I found this one.  As a teacher and mother, this quote really left a lasting impression on me!


Our kiddos were definitely worn out after our busy day at the botanical gardens.  Especially Alisa’s little guy!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer and have found some time enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

 Happy Sunday!



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