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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Blogger – Kelly from {Living Craftily Ever After}

I have a new upcycle to share with you!  However, in order to read the tutorial you’ll need to check out my new blog friend, Kelly, from Living Craftily Ever After.  We’re blog swapping today so stop by her amazing blog to check out my tutorial and don’t forget to browse through her other great tutorials!  She’s super crafty!
Hi Sweet Pea and Bumblebee Readers!!
My name is Kelly and I blog over at Living Craftily Ever After.
I am so excited to be swapping with Briana- I love her blog and have been following for awhile now! And I have been emailing her for a couple weeks and she is just the sweetest!
Today I am going to show you how to do something that sounds very intimidating but really, its a piece of cake!
Hand Painted Wine Glasses
And now you are thinking, "OK, this chick is nuts". But really, trust me, these are E-A-S-Y. I cannot draw to save my life. No joke. My 3 year old makes fun of my pictures!
I am going to show you how to make some very simple designs that still have the WOW factor!
I have given these to friends for birthday presents, but I have also given them as wedding shower gifts.  You can package them up in a cute basket with a bottle of wine and you have a gorgeous hand made gift!
So lets get to it!
You will need:
Wine Glasses {hint: get these at the Dollar Store! I get all mine there!}
Gloss Enamel Paint {Michaels, Joanns...}
Paint Brushes
You are going to want to wash and dry your glasses before painting.
Once you have them all ready to go its time to decide what you are going to paint on them!
I chose to do a  polka dot and swirl pattern for two of the glasses, and a simple flower design on the other.
For the polka dots I used blue and white paint. I did different size polka dots and then used the white paint and did little swirls with dots. All of these are SO easy and take no skill {which is what I need when it comes to painting! HA!} but they look so cute!
I also did little dots down the stem and along the base
See- how easy was that?!
Now on to the flower one, which I admit does sound intimidating. But remember, I can't draw, so this has to be easy!
Take your brush- I like to use a smaller one with a little bit of a pointy tip {see, I don't even know proper terms, so I am obviously NOT an artist!}
Then you are going to make a small line that has a slight curve to it on the glass
What does that look like? Looks like half a petal to me!
So now you are just going to make a similar line but with the curve going in the opposite direction starting from the same top point
And there you go! You made a petal! 
Now just continue around to make your flower! You can make these with five or six petals, its up to you!
I chose to make mine with six petals
Now it is up to you how many you put on the glass and where you put them!
Get creative!
For this glass I just did six of the same size around the glass. But I have made them before with one huge flower on one side and 3 small ones on the other.... the options are endless!
I also decided they were kind of plain with just the flowers, so I added some white polka dots around the glass.
And also added a white dot to the center of each flower
Then for the base I painted a flower with the same method above but with just five petals
And again I added a white dot to the center and some polka dots around the edge
And that's it!
For this set I was going with the Red White and Blue color scheme since it is getting close to the 4th of July.  You can paint all the glasses the same color, or each one a totally different color. I have done it all and they always look great. And people LOVE getting these. {Especially people like me because, um.... I tend to break a lot of glasses and I am always in need for more!}
Don't let the "hand painted" scare you off! I promise, anyone can do these!  If you think the flowers would be too hard, make a set with all polka dots to start! 
Now, go get some paint and wine glasses and have fun!
Thank you SO MUCH Briana for swapping with me today! And I hope you guys will come say HI! to me over at Living Craftily Ever After!!!
Thank you SO much Kelly for blog swapping with us!  You’re amazing and I love the glasses…so cute!


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