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Friday, June 3, 2011

Backyard Obstacle Course

IMG_1415 copy
I am beyond thrilled to be able to stay at home with my kiddos in the summer! (Definitely an added perk of being a teacher!)  My goal this summer:  keep my kids busy with fun learning opportunities {{and wear them out so they sleep well at night, which this activity definitely accomplished! (: }}
The best part of this activity is that you can use anything around your yard/garage/house, so there is NO COST…which I LOVE!  Here is the obstacle course I set out for my kids.  How ever you set it up, your kids will LOVE it and it will definitely keep them busy!  My own children were not so concerned about the amount of time it took them but older children would love seeing if they could beat their previous time!
Here is our obstacle course, which will definitely be changing throughout the summer to help them use a variety of gross motor skills {{my teacher side is always thinking :) }}
Climb up to the top of the slide and go down.
Crawl across the lawn chair.
Go through the tunnel.
Weave in and out of the bricks.  (I knew those extra bricks would come in handy!!!)
Jump up and touch each of the sponges.
Jump over each of the lawn chair bags.
And finally, throw the ball into the bucket.
My kiddos were exhausted but kept wanting to run through the “obsull course” again!  What fun activities have you planned for your own kiddos?
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Ali said...

Great idea to burn some energy on those kiddos :D

Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

How fun! I will be home with my kids this summer too! Not because I am a teacher but because my company laid us all off to move the office to Texas! LOL! But I am ok with it- I am very excited to spend the summer with the kidlets! I will have to keep this in mind!

Jenn Erickson said...

What a fun and creative way to keep the kiddos engaged and active!

I remember making obstacle courses with my brothers when we were kids, but they were never as cool. Ours were probably more dangerous than anything -- hurdles were my dad's rusty saw-horses, and we tried to make a slip n' slide by nailing trash bags to the hill out back. Yikes!

Jenn/Rook No. 17

Moquelish said...

Great idea! We are trying to do the same, especially energy burning. This is a great way to do just that. Thanks for sharing.

Mariesa M. said...

What a fun mom you are!! I'll for sure have to try this with my little girl! I need more physical activities to do with her!

Ladybird Ln said...

What a great idea! I remember doing this as a kid with my cousins... it involved bikes, jumping off stuff, and usually some sort of water! It spent more time dreaming up the stunts than actually doing it! Thanks for sharing, I will have to do something small scale with my kiddos! Thanks for being my Blog of the Week!


Little Wonders' Days said...

I'm all in for anything that uses up all that energy they have! This looks fun. Enjoy your summer!

The Mommy Chronicles said...

Looks like fun

Jill said...

Great obstacle course using regular garden items! Can see why your kids would have wanted more!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Fun idea! Great way to keep them active and entertained.

Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

Thanks for the fun idea - I loved doing these as a kid & know my kids will too. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

Marisa said...

I found your post as I was searching for ideas to make my own obstacle course. My kids are driving each other (and me) crazy since school got out, so I'm hoping this activity will take up a good portion of our day. :)

Thanks for the ideas!

Karen @ Goodbyecityhellosuburb said...

It looks like they are having a lot of fun!

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