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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Laundry Lifesaver!

Some days I feel like all I do is remove stains!  My 1 year old daughter is constantly making me work my stain removal magic.  (Who would have thought she would be messier than her older brother! =) )  If she’s eating anything, it will undoubtedly make its way to her clean white shirt no matter how big of a bib I wrap her in.  Some days I wonder if I should just skip the bib since it doesn’t seem to save her clothes! 
So, since I haven’t been able to stop the stains I was thrilled when my friend suggested two different stain removers to use TOGETHER.  Yes, you heard me right…together! =)  I was skeptic but decided to give it a try.  Now, these two products (Zout and Oxi Clean) are a staple at my house.  Whenever I have any kind of stain, here is the procedure I follow:
1.  Wipe off any remaining food, dirt, etc.
2.  Spray equal amounts of Zout and Oxi Clean onto the stain.
3.  Rub into the stain.
4.  Let sit for several hours or overnight depending on the stain.
5.  Wash
6.  Before drying make sure that the stain has indeed come out!
So, thank you to Zout and Oxi Clean for saving our clothes!  I’m sure my daughter will continue to test your greatness!!!
**I’ve found that dish soap and water (also rubbed in and left to sit) is the best way to get out spaghetti sauce.  Who knew!?!?


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