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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Googly Eye Haunted House {Guest Post}

I am so excited to be here at Sweet Peas and Bumble Bees to share a little haunting that is happening at our house this month! I am so incredibly excited to guest post at one of my favorite blogs! My name is Lori from Our Forever House where I blog about our adventures in DIY, decorating, crafts and life!

We love holidays and especially those where we get to decorate.  Last year we had just purchased our house and were too busy painting, fixing and prepping our new home to move in so we didn't get to decorate.  Not this year - this year we are having fun.

I was inspired by a simple project we did with the kids one afternoon - googly eye wall monsters.  Who doesn't love googly eyes?  Right?

Using the inspiration of our googly eye wall monsters - we created our Cutest Not-So Haunted House!

Believe it or not, this entire project was done for $3.50!!!  HUGE IMPACT, LITTLE MONEY!!!
I picked up 3 different sizes of white Styrofoam plates and a sheet of black poster board.  Pretty simple.  I found some glasses in my kitchen to trace 3 different sized circles.  Cut them out and glued them to the plates.  Easy peasy homemade googly eyes!
Then I headed outside with a roll of duct tape and got to work.  I was going for haunted but honestly, it is way too cute to be haunted - well, maybe by Casper the Friendly Ghost!  And guess what, I have enough plates left over to have a Halloween party!!!

I hope you enjoyed our cutest not-so haunted house and will stop by Our Forever House for a visit.  This month I am participating in a 31 Day challenge by hosting  my very own series - 31 Days to a Functional Kitchen.


What a great idea and a fun way to decorate!  Thanks so much Lori for sharing your “haunted house” with us!  :)



San said...

Wow, this is so very creative! I think it looks so great! Wonderful job!

Sabrina Horton said...

What a great, inexpensive and easy craft idea!

OurForeverHouse said...

Thanks for the opportunity to guest post! I am going to add a spotlight to this so it shows better at night. Super fun and so, so easy!

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