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Friday, September 23, 2011

Paper Tearing Name Art


Whenever possible, I try to have my kiddos complete activities that work on their fine motor skills.  So, this activity is perfect!  The idea came from one of the wonderful kindergarten teachers at the school I teach at.  It is such an easy activity to complete and really challenged my little ones.  It is definitely an activity we’ll be repeating in the future!

Materials Needed:

white cardstock

construction paper




Start by writing your child’s name on a sheet of white cardstock.  (A large sheet of construction paper would work also!)


Now, the colored construction paper needs to be torn into tiny pieces.  (It works really well to have them tear a strip first and then tear the strip into little pieces.)  I let my kids pick their favorite colors to work with, which was perfect for my two year old who is working on color identification.  My four year old is working on his letter identification skills, which this activity is also great for.  Fine motor, letter identification, and color identification all in one activity…love it!

Also, this was very challenging for both of my kiddos.  They really had to work to get the pieces torn.  We’ll definitely be practicing this skill again!


Now, with one color torn, draw a line of glue over one of the letters in your little one’s name.  Using the paper pieces, have them cover the letter.

(Oh, and YES, we do craft in our jammies! :)  )


Continue tearing different colors and gluing onto each letter.


That’s it!  Your little one now has a masterpiece to display for all to see! :)



Shannon said...

Love this idea. I'm excited to do this with Case. He'll love it too.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

great name recognition & fine motor practice! WE just made torn paper apples and my girls loved it!

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