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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Button Flower Garden

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Button Flower Garden
This idea came to me one day….possibly because I literally cannot wait for spring to come, or because it has been snowing on and off this week {{I know, it is not supposed to snow in April right??}}
and I just want a little bit of Spring in my home!
flower art 012
  • Frame (mine is an old frame I wasn’t using at the moment)
  • Scrap fabric
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon (1/4”, 5/8” and 7/8”)
  • Hot glue

To start off, simply cut a piece of thin cardboard to fit in your frame.  Then, take your fabric and cover your cardboard, hot gluing it onto the back.  It does not have to be perfect on the back (no one will ever see that part), but make sure the front side is smooth and tight against the cardboard.

flower art 001

Start laying out your buttons into a flower pattern.  (I prefer to lay everything out before I glue.)

flower art 005

Once you have all your buttons arranged how you would like them, you need to start cutting your ribbon for the stems.  I used 1/4” ribbon for this and simply laid the ribbon on the fabric and cut to my desired length.

flower art 006

Carefully slide the buttons up so you have room to glue your stems.  Heat seal the ends of the ribbon.  Hot glue the stems on the fabric using a small strip of glue down the middle of the stem.  (Make sure your ribbon goes to the very end of the bottom of the fabric so you will not see the ends when it is in your picture frame.) 

To start gluing your buttons on, start with the center (green buttons) and glue them on the ends of the ribbon.  Then glue the other buttons around the center button so you don’t see the end of the ribbon.

flower art 007

Now it is time to cut the leafs.  I used a variety of colors of green ribbon in 5/8” and 7/8” and it turned out adorable.  The greens do not have to match.

Start with a 3-4 inch section of ribbon and free-hand cut a leaf shape.

flower art 009

Heat seal all sides of the leaf {{they actually curl slightly when you heat seal them, giving them a slight 3-D appearance}}

Put a small amount of hot glue at the base of the leaf on both sides, lift up the edge of the ribbon where you want the leaf to be and stick the leaf in so that you can’t see the base of the leaf anymore.

flower art 010

Place your fabric covered cardboard in the frame and secure the backing on the frame (if there is one).


You now have a Button Flower Garden!!

flower art 012




Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Very sweet! (Very Spring-y too.)

Anonymous said...

Buttons, ribbon, and flowers... three of my favorite things!

Annabeaninc said...

How cute! Despite the fact that I'm lack serious crafting skills this looks possible haha

AnnaBean is a new follower from the You Like Me Friday Blog Hop. I'd love if you could follow back as well!

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

I love this! very cute! thanks for your sweet comment on my now following you on fb twitter and your blog!
I would love for you to come follow me too!

XOXO Andrea

Sky @ Capital B said...

This is adorable! I would love to have my boys help me make something similar- they think buttons are little treasures :) I'm adding your link party button and will be sure to participate and try to keep in touch with you! :) Congrats on over 100 followers!

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