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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

We are beyond excited!!!!  We’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award by two different amazing bloggers….Little Rays of Sunshine and  The two bloggers are fantastically crafty and we thoroughly enjoy following their blogs!

Now on the the award….this is our first blog award so we are ecstatic!  We are still smiling!


Here are the details:

1.  Link back to the person who nominated you for the award.

2.  Share 7 facts about yourself.

3.  Pass the award along to 7 new-found bloggers.

4.  Contact those bloggers to congratulate them.


Onto the 7 facts about me:

1.  I do not like ice cream.  Yes, you heard me right! =)  I’ll eat it if I have to but would definitely pick any other dessert if I had the choice.

2.  I would absolutely LOVE to live somewhere in Vermont…the trees changing colors in the fall are absolutely beautiful!!!  The only problem?  It would be WAY too far away from my family, so it will never happen.  Perhaps I can settle for a visit!

3.  An artichoke is my all time favorite food!  It’s delicious dipped in a garlic butter sauce!  Growing up, it was a treat to have one and so we would request them for our birthday dinners.  And yes, it is still my request every year on my birthday! 

4.  Every morning and every night I drink a cup of tea.  I think I’ve tried every variety, but my favorites are Green Tea Superfruit and Peppermint.

5.  I’m the biggest scardey cat ever!  I refuse to watch scary movies because for about a week afterwards I think I hear noises at night and have to check every single window to make sure they are all locked.  In college I read a newspaper article about people hiding under your car in order to cut the back of your ankle as you were stepping into your car.  So if I had to get into my car at night, I would practically jump into it from about 2 feet away….just in case!  Wow, I can’t believe I just admitted that! =)

6.  I absolutely love the Twilight book series and Vampire Diaries on TV.  My sister got my hooked on both and my husband constantly makes fun of me for loving them so much.  Love them anyway!

7.  I believe that being kind to others is the one way we can make a difference in our world and other people’s lives.  I always try to go above and beyond to show kindness to others.  I honestly think our world would be a much better place if people could stop and show kindness to others!


Ok, now it’s my turn to pass out the awards.  How fun!

1.  Scissors & Spatulas – Jen’s blog is full of amazing crafts and I absolutely love reading all of her posts.  Her pictures are always fantastic and I’m loving her post on White Chocolate Popcorn…yummy!

2.  Come Together Kids -  Laura is exceptionally crafty and her blog is super cute!  She is so sweet and totally deserves this award.  I can’t wait to make her Fleece Flower Pillow that has been so popular in blog world!

3.  Living Craftily Ever After – Kelly’s blog is so cute and I love seeing what she is up to next!

4.  The Sweet Survival – Trish is super crafty and I’m loving her spring wreath that she recently posted.  So cute!

5.  Johnny In A Dress – I’ve just recently discovered Natalie’s blog and I love it!  So has great ideas and  I enjoy reading her posts!

6.  Homestitched – Ellie is one amazing blogger and is super talented with her sewing machine!  I wish we could hang out so she could teach me a few things! =)

7.  Baby Jayne’s – I love this blog!  She is super craft and I can’t wait to follow her tutorial on how to make baby shoes…so cute!



Trina said...

Thanks so much!! I appreciate it! I love your blog!

Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

Aww thank you!!! LOVE your blog!


Mindy said...

How funny, I too could pass on ice cream and people look at me like I have three heads when I say I don't like it. I also read the Twilight series, getting teased all along. AAAAND, we're having artichokes for dinner tonite. :o)

Sweet Peas and Bumblebees said...

Mindy ~ How funny! So glad to find someone else (besides my twin sis) that also loves artichokes, hates ice cream, and LOVES Twilight!!! BTW, love the rhubarb recipe you posted on your blog....LOVE rhubarb! =)


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