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Monday, May 23, 2011

Still Under Construction….

Since my kitchen is STILL under construction (everything in my kitchen is sitting in my living room) & I still have no kitchen sink or kitchen counters, Menu Monday is still on hold!  Thank you so much for being patient….and hopefully we will get everything going and back together shortly.  We have one more company measuring for countertops this morning, and then we will make a decision from there.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the granite countertops I want will be the best deal….{{{wish me luck convincing my hubby (: }}  We then have to wait 2 weeks before they come in.

Our weather lately has been YUCKY….we have been getting snow or sleet almost everyday! ):  Yesterday, nothing was falling from the sky, so we headed outside for a little fun!  My daughter has been wanting to go outside and do hopscotch {{I have no idea where she came up with the idea…she is only 2, and I haven’t talked about it}}!  So, we got out our sidewalk chalk, drew our lines and I taught my sweet little girl how to hopscotch!  Of course, I threw some learning into it, by numbering all the boxes.  Just watching her jump around, trying to copy me is …..PRICELESS!!

scriptures 005

What fun things have you and your kiddos done outside this summer???



Laura @ live.laugh.photograph said...

that is so fun! i don't remember how to play hopscotch... how sad is that?!

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