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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Swap {{Ginger Snaps Crafts}}

We are so EXCITED  {{that might be a little bit of an understatement}} to be swapping blogs today with Ginger from Ginger Snaps Crafts!  Her blog is so cute and she has some awesome ideas!  She also has a pretty sweet giveaway going on that you won’t want to miss!  Check out her site…to see all of her creative ideas and projects & to enter her giveaway!!!  Also, don’t forget to visit her site to see what we have created today!!!  Your little girls will not want you to miss this one…

Take it away Ginger….

Hi.  I'm Ginger
from over at Ginger Snaps Crafts.
It's a place to share ideas I've found, &
inspire you to create along with me.
I'm a wife to one awesome guy &
a busy mom of
5 wild & crazy kiddos.
I love to blog, garden,
craft, organize
& most of all be with my family.
I "met" Alisa & Briana
when they left a sweet comment on
my blog inviting me over to their
What I Made Wednesday
Link Party.
Thanks, ladies,for the invite &
for having me over on your blog today
for this fun blog swap.
Check out my blog
today to see
Sweet Peas & Bumblebees.
Over a year ago I bought a
I've had a vinyl addiction for awhile now.
(Yes, I know I have a problem!) :)
I had only used the Silhouette to cut vinyl,
and recently I've decided to venture out
& see what my Silhouette can really do!
So today I'd like to share with you
this tutorial on
how I made this awesome
t-shirt for my daughter, Cailey.
(She shows rabbits for 4-H.)
(I think she got just as many compliments
on her t-shirt as she did on her cute bunny, Rascal!)
You'll need a solid colored t-shirt. I got mine from the craft section at Wal-Mart. They are super cheap & wash great. Measure the area so you know how big to make your design.
Using your software that comes with your Silhouette design your t-shirt. To save space I broke up my pictures & words, and pieced them together later on the t-shirt. Important: Make sure you flip your words so they appears backwards! (I hadn't flipped mine yet when I took this picture!)
You'll need a roll of smooth heat transfer material. This can be purchased online on several different websites. I just searched until I found the best price.
You'll need to feed the heat transfer material into the Silhouette without a cutting mat and with the clear plastic side on the bottom. This is important. You can double check by peeling back a corner of the transfer material.
Use the blue cap and a thickness of 16-18 to cut your transfer material. I would do a test cut just to make sure. I cut mine a little too deep. It still worked out OK, but it would of been better to test first!
Peel the negative space of the design off the plastic backing, leaving just what you want on your t-shirt.
Place a cloth over your design. (I used a pillowcase.)
Place the hot iron on top, pressing firmly onto the design for about a minute. Repeat the process until the entire design has been done. Important: Do not set your iron to more than 300 degrees (cotton setting).
Remove the iron & cloth and gently peel up the transfer sheet. Do this carefully! If the heat transfer material continues to stick to the transfer sheet, replace the cloth and iron again. (I had to do mine a couple of times before mine decided to stick!)
Now you are done! To wash I turned the shirt inside out & then hung it to dry. It washed perfectly.
Here's our finished t-shirt. Love it!
Thanks, again Alisa & Briana! I enjoyed swapping blogs for the day! Don't forget to come by  Ginger Snap Crafts to see what Sweet Peas & Bumblebees are up to over on my blog! (I'm also having my 100 follower giveaway so be sure to enter while you're over there.)


Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

The t-shit is adorable! I will definitely check out her site!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love the t-shirt! Sweet.

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